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Snezhina Slaveva

Snezhina Slaveva
Educational and Information HUB Program Manager

Snezhina Slaveva is a Program Manager of the Educational and Information Hub Program. The main goal of the program is to increase the number of Roma students who pursue higher education.  The program motivates and supports Roma youth to receive an undergraduate and graduate degree and provides information about educational opportunities, educational funding sources and academic mentorship.
Snezhina has joined Areté Youth Foundation’s team to support Roma youth to continue their education, deploy their potential and reach the highest level of development, elaborating their knowledge and skills in an appropriate manner and strong motivation.

Before joining Areté’s team, Snezhina worked as a Project Management Expert in Institute for Labour and Social Research of Personnel Holding AD, where she was responsible for managing programs and projects, writing analyzes, strategies, and handbooks.

For the successful and effective implementation of the responsibilities related to the management of the Educational and Information Hub Program, Snezhina will rely on the experience gained during her internships at the US Embassy of Sofia, National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria, and Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds as well as the Expanding Roma Opportunities through Entrepreneurship Exchange for Roma leaders in the USA.

Snezhina has a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from Technical University in Sofia.

You can contact Snezhina at: snezhina@areteyouth.org

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