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Daniela Adamova

Daniela Adamova
Financial Director

Daniela (Dani) Adamova began her career as a teacher and as a member of a small association for regional development in her home town. She worked with youth leaders, organized extracurricular activities and attended several workshops for NGO Governance and Human Resource Management organized by Institute for Sustainable Communities. She was also an elected member of a City Council for four years where she was part of the budget and education committees.

Dani had worked in a variety of capacities with the Peace Corps Programming and Training Department since 1999 before joining the Arete team. As a Youth Development Program Associate she worked with many Roma NGOs, youth leaders and volunteers throughout the country. In 2005, she had a chance to see first-hand how volunteers and Roma youth leaders were empowering young Roma students at the camp "Forward Together". She was deeply inspired by the motivation and attitudes of the camp participants. Additionally, Dani’s teaching experience at one of the largest Roma neighbourhoods in the country, Stolipinovo, gave her perspective on the Roma community and an opportunity to learn about Roma culture. Dani has been working in a multi-cultural environment for more than ten years and she believes that the key to success is to keep an open mind and create a positive learning atmosphere.

Many things drew Dani to Arete, mostly her belief of the culture of giving back. She was given many opportunities in life and felt it was time for her to give back by encouraging Roma youth to focus on educational pursuits and to realize the importance of social and professional networks.

In her free time, Dani likes to travel, to dance and to spend time with friends and family. You can contact her at dani@areteyouth.org

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