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Idea in Action

Arete Youth Foundation will realize the first Roma Girls Camp as a continuation of our long-term strategy for capacity building, training of leaders, developing youth groups and promoting mentorship.
After a selection process 25 girls, aged 16 – 21 will take part in this camp. The national Roma Girls Camp will be realized for the first time in 2014 after partners' and donors' manifested generosity.


Roma Girls Camps' main objectives are:
 - Creating a supportive environment in which girls will gain confidence, flexibility and skills necessary to build their individual vision for further development, strategy to achieve their personal goals
 - Motivation to continue their education and outline future perspectives
 - Support the young women to envision their proffessional goals
 - Introducing positive attitude and role models

Duration of the donation campaign

The campaign for donations will end on 30th of April 2014.

Your support is an Investment in the future!

You could join our cause, enabling 25 girls to reach their high potential, by:
 - becoming a personal mentor of a girl
 - supporting financially the participation of a future leader
 - becoming our Ambassador, helping us build-up the mission of the camps  

The realization of the first Roma Girls Camp (selection, requruitment, implementation and follow up activities) requires the amount of 7 500 BGN (3 835 EUR). With your donation you will support Arete to reveal the potential of the youth and empower the young women.

You could contact us at:

Every little bit counts. Here’s an example of how your generous gift will make the difference:

~ 1350 BGN will ensure daily meals and accommodation for 25 girls for 3 days
~ 600 BGN will cover travel costs for 10 participants
~ 100 BGN will be enough for health insurances for all 25 girls
~ 24 BGN will be needed for training materials for each participant

Arete Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible. A tax certificate will be issued. AYF in Bulgaria is commited to achieve transparency to all donors and sponsors.

Together we are making the difference!


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