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George Eli

George Eli

George Eli started his career in documentary film after graduating from the New York film Academy in 1999. He went on to produce several films including the critically acclaimed documentary film ”When the Road Bends” directed by Jasmine Dellal. He then went on to produce his own film which documented his personal journey to discover the origins and traditions of his inexpressible culture, that of the Romani people. The resulting film “Searching for the 4th Nail” was released in 2010 and won several awards including the Best Filmmaker award at the Connecticut Film Festival. It is also highly respected by George’s own people; the American Romani Community and has become the catalyst for his recent Initiative.

Recently George has consulted and casted The FYI TV documentary series “Arranged.” He founded The Romani Media Initiative in 2012, a nonprofit with the expressed goal of creating and building positive media role models for the Romani community in order to build a more prosperous and integrated future for the  Romani community.

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