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Brian Murray

Brian Murray
Executive Director U.S.

Brian Murray, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria from June 2002 to August 2005, founded Arete Youth Foundation to provide a platform of support for high school Roma students seeking to maximize their educational potential.   Since its humble beginnings, the Roma leadership camps have grown into a series of programs that support mentorship and the creation of role models for future generations.   

Brian seeks to utilize his business and non-profit background as a bridge between the public and private sector.   As a serial-entrepreneur, Brian has launched technology, media and real estate companies.  He seeks to utilize this background to provide strategic guidance to the organization while simulatenously ensuring a working environment that embraces new ideas and failure as a means to find success.

Brian is currently living in New York City and is a Principal at Shift Capital.

Contact me at brian@areteyouth.org


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